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When AIDS was first recognized in Canada in 1981-1982, Dr. Soskolne and his Toronto-based team were in the vanguard of both research and education, professional and public. His initiatives were central to the formation of the Canadian National Advisory Committee on AIDS, and the early interventions aimed at limiting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

His innovative method for projecting the spread of HIV and AIDS in Canada from 1987 through 1996, proved to be the most accurate on record, helping federal, provincial and community-based organizations better plan for the epidemic.

A Canadian retrospective on AIDS: Implications for future policy, economics, behaviour, modification, and research

Watch Dr. Soskolne in 1987, in what is believed to have been North America's first televised interview on a morning television show about the proper use of prophylactics (condoms) to prevent the transmission of the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted infections by clicking here (Youtube).